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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coveting: Irregular Choice 'Iced' SS10

Any girl who loves heels and isn't of the wall-flower variety probably owns several pairs of Irregular Choice shoes. We all know how amazing they are, but let's just remind ourselves anyway...

And so forth. I could post them all - they're just so beautiful. I cannot possess them all :( That last picture there is called 'Crystilina' and I love it. Words cannot express.

I think the one fault of Irregular Choice is also the one thing that makes them great - they're just so lovely, works of art sometimes, that you don't want to wear them. I had a pair years ago and loved them so much that I barely wore them in case they got ruined - now they're too small. The trick is just wear them and not get too precious I think. I mean they're not that expensive - clearly not high street, primark price range, but then you get what you pay for - here you get amazing, creative, wacky, out-there shoes. Just don't wear them in the rain. Or snow. So basically summer. Which brings us to their new SS10 collection...

The thing about Irregular Choice is that sometimes you have to choose prettiness over comfort. They do flats, but I have stupid high-instepped feet and can't get my hoofs into most of the flats they do, especially the ones with the straps. Like the one pair of flats I chose to feature at the top, I can't wear those. Silly square feet, me. Seriously. Wide as they are long, I swear. Anyway, they now do a collection called 'Iced', which is much more casual type shoes - think trainers and flip flops. But MENTAL. They have names like 'Galactic Fire' and 'Electrokill'. Check it out - Irregular Choice Iced:

Just.... woah. I love it. I don't wear trainers myself - not exactly the sporty type and so feel a bit weird wearing puma/adidas/nike whatever - I'm more of a heels girl than a 'street urban' type person. Trainers etc are so dull and really don't go with much in my wardrobe - I like to make some kind of a statement most days. But I would definitely wear these. What a statement! Perfect with leggings or jeans or even dresses actually, you can't go wrong. And those flip flops are immense - I love flip flops, I live in them during summer. Remember my weird feet? They have a mahoosive gap between the first two toes which makes them perfect for wearing flip flops - no pain ever :) yay for my feet. So I'm saving up and getting those as soon as they are available! Amazing geometric panelling, lightning bolts are a love of me and Gaga alike. And the peep toe boots are great too. Oh I just love it all! Again, in the higher price range - something that is going on my wish list again =/ Expensive taste is annoying.

You can buy most of the range at the Irregular Choice store here - not the flip flops yet though. When? When? I don't know. Hopefully soon.

Oh wow and I've just spotted this bag they do as well:
Sigh. So good. Enough now.

All of the images here are taken from the Irregular Choice website, except for a few which were taken from this blog post at High Snobette. Copyright remains with original owners, I'm just ranting about how much I like them.

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