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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Look what dropped through my door.... H! Outfit post

When I started this blog, it really had no direction and was just for me. Now I realise it's a great outlet for my writing (which gets a bit pushed away in the career of a visual-type person) and my love of sharing new stuff and talking about what's hot and what's not. The perks, which I'm just starting to see, are that sometimes, people send you stuff. Which is amazing! It doesn't happen often (some bloggers get tonnes of stuff, if you are one, tell me how ;) not that I'm a sell out....) but it's really nice when it does.

I blogged about the new H! by Henry Holland collection at Debenhams a few weeks ago, because I love it so. I also talked about how much I loved one of the cardigans, but super couldn't afford it because I'm not rich and famous yet. Anyway the lovely people at team Henry at Debenhams spotted my post (this always surprises me, generally I feel that I talk to no-one, seeing as I get hardly any comments! Do comment, people, it helps me feel loved) and kindly sent me the cardigan! I know! I couldn't believe it. I've literally worn it everyday since. I'm not even joking, mum had to pry it off me to wash it. That was a sad day.
Oh, outfit posts. The eternal conundrum; how to pose? Do you smile and look like a holiday snap? Do you chop your head off? Do you look all model-y and weird? Or do you just not smile much and look a bit awkward, like me? This picture confirms two things for me 1) Get a bloody haircut, those roots are not rock n roll and those ends are just bleh 2) I really need to get contacts.

Anyway, so there's the lovely cardigan from H! by Henry Holland :) It goes with everything, as far as I've found so far. Ace. Rest of outfit: lace top Primark, floral top underneath H&M, floral skirt Primark, tights Debenhams, bra (not normally a fan of bra straps showing but I felt lazy) La Senza. That's quite a cheapskate outfit =/ I don't normally wear lots of Primark. I have the guilt. But also, I am poor. Ugh. Hopefully not for long! You know, with employment and all. Yay.

So thanks friendly Debenhams people ^.^

If anyone else wants to send me stuff, feel free....*

*only half joking. Mmm stuff.

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