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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coveting: Hush Puppes Shoeperstar winner...

I saw this Hush Puppies Shoeperstar competition when it came out and thought it was a great idea. I didn't take part because... well I can't design shoes. I wasn't entirely sure what the outcome would be, because while Hush Puppies are amazingly comfortable (I bought some while I worked at Schuh, in a plum kind of colour, so nice to walk around in heels that don't kill you) they're not exactly Irregular Choice in the looks department. That's fine for most who need them for work and who can't wear crazy shoes, but I likes crazy shoes. That's why when I saw the winner, I was most excited:

So cute! And so summery. They also come in black too:

Which I like, but not as much as the purple. I like the white heel and the floral strap, and I'm rocking a lot of purple right now thanks to my splurge at H! by Henry Holland (Henry likes purple, it seems...) so they would go with so many outfits. And the best part? They are guaranteed to be comfortable, cos Hush Puppies rock like that.

The only downside is that they are £65... oh if only I still had my Schuh discount! I will have to save up for a summer treat.

They are designed by Laura Berry and you can buy them here.

"Laura is 36, a mum to one year old Bonita and currently teaches textiles part time in Turves Green Girls School, Northfield. When not teaching she spends the rest of her time painting and does portraits, designing women’s clothing and accessories as well as working with local artists in the community to coordinate and implement a programme of arts events for disadvantaged youths.

Laura’s shoe design was inspired by the need for a funky, feminine yet practical shoe that could take a working mum from school run to office to evening drinks – all in relevant comfort. The shoe itself is an all-season style and has vintage influences with a modern twist."


itslikeart said...

Those are super cute! I am needing a pair of the purple in my life... I'm having such a shoe craving as well right now

Rachel said...

Yeah so am I, it's why I keep blogging about shoes all the time! I want these a lot.