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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Glug Notworking & Noma Bar at The Book Club on 24th March

A few weeks ago I got myself down to The Book Club in Shoreditch, for a Glug Notworking event. I'd heard of these for a while now and finally got my act together and joined, because I need to meet more people in London (don't really know nobody *sniff*) and networking is fun. But mainly, there was alcohol and arty-types, and that's what I wanted. It was on March 24th, btw.

There was live screenprinting, free food(yay!), a couple of talks (including Noma Bar) and a live DJ after I think. In the end I went with my friend Tom off of my Immersion course, because I thought that would be better than going alone and not talking to anyone. I was right; it seemed that everyone there already knew everyone and it was a bit clique-y. That's the way I saw it anyway. Might have just been the Shoreditch effect. (Those crazy kids!)

Overall though, it was worth the £5, and I think if we'd have been more drunk/less shy, we would have talked to some hotties networked for the good of our careers. Maybe.

Having the chance to see a talk by Noma Bar was pretty good - I love his work. For those that aren't familiar with it, here you go:

He is the master of negative space, no doubt about it. What's genius about his work is that it looks deceptively simple; but you just know it takes him hours, days, to hone it to work properly as a visual trick.

He also has a couple of books out, which I will now shamelessly plug through Amazon:

I joined that amazon affiliates thing. Still not entirely sure how it works. It'd be better if it was as well - no-one wants to use dollars. Hmmm. Research needed.

All the images are taken from his portfolio site at Dutch Uncle - you can see more there.

The next Notworking event is on 28th April, and I'm definitely going - it's £7.50 and it's being held at Somerset House, during the Pick Me Up exhibition which I really want to see:

Here's some info about it. Need to get my act together and buy my ticket! Will do that in a sec. The line up is immense! Including Jonathon Barnbrook, who I met about a year ago at the Penguin Design Award ceremony. Really nice chap :)


Tati said...

Wow, sounds very cool for me. I'd love to go to an event like this one... Unfortunately I live far, far away from UK (Brazil) and it's very difficult to find something good here.

I love your blog and all things you share!


Rachel said...

Aw yeah Brazil is far away :( Where abouts in Brazil do you live? Surely Rio has to have some kind of hip underground artist hangout!

Thanks a lot, glad you like what you read ^.^