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Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I wore today: sunshine saturday outfit post!

What's wrong with this picture?
It dawned on me today, while on a train into London checking twitter, that something was wrong with the sky - not that it was abnormally blue and cloud free for April in Britain (that alone was ace), but that there were no aeroplane trails. Once you noticed it, it was hard to not notice it. And it was quieter, when I was in the garden later, when this picture was taken, I couldn't hear any planes from Luton airport. Nuffin'. It was so nice. And it got me thinking - I know the airlines are going on about how many millions of £s they're losing because of this Volcano (don't ask me to spell or pronounce it, I'm good but not that good) - but how much CO2 are we saving? It's nice to think about it. I like the notion that Mother Nature could be spewing out her guts so that we stop polluting her... makes sense innit. There are lots of people that have been put out by this, and I can see that it would be so annoying if you were on a holiday or worse, business trip - even the F1 has suffered, many mechanics haven't been able to get out to Shanghai for this weekend. 

From an environmental perspective though, it's ace. And it's given me a crazy thought - we should have 4 fly-free days a year. The airlines would hate it, but just think - 4 days of no aeroplanes in the sky, no pollution, no noise... and you could easily plan your holiday if you knew exactly when those days were. Hmmm. I'll just ring the Big People In Charge of all the and let them know.

So as I said, I went into London today for a fashion illustration workshop at Sketchbook Magazine's Pop Up Shop in Carnaby St. I'll blog about that separately, but it was really nice, and the sunshine made the busyness of Oxford Circus bearable. I've persuaded myself to do more outfit posts: I've been rocking some good outfits lately (if I do say so myself) and so I really should share them, being that I am a hybrid fashion/design/trend blogger person. I can't really define what I blog about. Cool stuff that you should know about. Hmmm.
Skirt: New Look, lace vest: Primark, bra: Urban Outfitters, cardigan: New Look.
Every year, nautical comes out, and I'm never massively excited. I don't know why, it's just one trend I'm never really a part of. However this year, it's got a military twist and I'm all about the military: this skirt from New Look is subtle; just navy with gold military style buttons: not an anchor in sight! I also got a white stripey tshirt to go with it - it's made me realise I don't have any navy or white shoes though. Which is weird.

Hope you've all had a lovely sunshine-y saturday, I spent a good hour or so reading Grazia on the hammock in the garden ^.^ good times.


Anonymous said...

I lived in London for a year, I draw and you may like my blog as you like fashion.
I am having a giveaway on my site of a fashion illustration I did that first appeared in Mirabella Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately fashion ain't so green either, maybe lay off the primark for starters ;)

itslikeart said...

hehee I have that top! pretty :)

Rachel said...

Yeah alright, fair point, but we can't be good all the time! And I'm well aware of the adverse effects the fashion industry has on the environment, I work at a fashion company and I can see it firsthand. Not a lot that I can do about it though, except try to buy as ethically as I can... when I can afford to. Having just graduated, and thus being in the poorest 4 years of my life but still liking to have nice-ish clothes, primark has had to do every so often. It's not a habit I partake in more than twice a year.

Nice infographic though. I like it. Who are you exactly? Anonymous person? :P

Rachel said...

@David - thanks, I really like your work, I'm just getting into fashion illustration myself, it's something I really want to persue much more but I'm just practicing at the moment. Nice giveaway as well, very generous of you! :)

Rachel said...

@itslikeart - snap! it is rather cool, I wear it a lot. £4 or something right? WOO unethical primark ^.^ Feeling guilt-ridden but looking ace. Mmmhmmm.

Tati said...

About the polution... Do you know that we and all living thing on planet are made of CO2? Yeeeah... It may sound weird, and I thought it too, but I watched a BBC documentary that explains that co2 has nothing to do with global warming and polution at all. It's one of those lies that the government created. Anyway, that's very complicated to explain, and I'm typing in my iPhone :P. Maybe you can find something about that on google.
However, with or without co2, the airplanes throw a lot of dangerous stuff in the sky. lol


Rachel said...

Tati - actually, we're made of Carbon, which is an element, not Carbon Dioxide, which is a compound of carbon and oxygen. Slightly different :)

There's lots of debate over whether global warming is man made or not: it's a pretty deep discussion. Like you say though, all I know is that planes chugging stuff into the air isn't as good as if they weren't there! xx