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Friday, April 09, 2010

New Work! Illustrations for Amelia's Magazine - 'Inside The Book Club'

Tres exciting news guys! I've loved Amelia's Magazine for ages, and even though it's not published anymore, the website lives on and also has a plethora of great articles up there.

I was asked to illustrate an article about The Book Club bar in Shoreditch - a really great place that I went to recently at the Glug Notworking event. Here are my illustrations: Higher res will be up on my website later.

I was supplied photos and told to put my stamp on them; I really enjoyed doing these and am so pleased with how they came out - I haven't done line drawings with collage for a lonnng time and they've ended up summing up the place well I think. It's really eclectic and so much creativity goes on in there, but it's also very grungy in feel - low ceilings, warehouse-y, exposed bricks, rooms leading onto others etc, so I wanted to get that across too. I also cheekily put my own artwork in the frames on the walls! Ha. I wish ;) It's a bar primarily, but it also holds club nights, life drawing classes, club nights with live DJs, it's got a table tennis table and pool tables, they serve food (gooood food), it's pretty damn awesome. I'd be in there all the time if I lived anywhere near Shoreditch. Maybe soon. It's on Leonard St, quite tucked away... I've had a hard time finding it tbh before. 

As Amica's article explains really well; there just isn't this kind of place very much in the UK. In New York, I feel right at home there because there are so many venues like this, that go from cafe in the day to nightclub at night, with a healthy dose of alternative culture thrown in. It's great. (And one of the many reasons why I want to move to NY, eventually) but The Book Club is pushing the boundaries over here and I love the concept so much.

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Gemma Luker said...

this are really nice such a great mix of techniques!