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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Climate campaign banner now live on ActionAid's website!

I mentioned in a previous post about an illustration that I did for a banner for ActionAid's website. Well...

If you go to ActionAid's Bollocks to Poverty minisite you will now see mine and 5 other illustrator's work up there, as a random scrolling banner; keep refreshing and they'll rotate round. The screengrab above is the page that tells you a bit of background about each of the banners, go have a little read. There I am with my banner ^^. All neon and smiley. Hehe.

Pretty sweeeet eh. Have a read of the site while you're there eh, it's a pretty important cause.


Winnie said...

Yours is brilliant, I think it might be my favourite! Well done!


WOW: Impressive. What unique pictures by the way!