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Monday, August 03, 2009

David Fullarton - Illustrator from San Francisco

I found David Fullarton's work a while ago now (I've completely forgotten how I came across it, possibly just from my own mintynet meanderings, possibly from another blog) and I'm finally getting round to posting about it.

I absolutely love it. It's got all the factors that make me take notice of another illustrator's work - collage (graph paper mwahaha), hand rendered type, mix media, amazing drawing skills, wit and a touch of melancholy. I can't stop looking through his Behance portfolio - definitely check it out.

I love this one. Made me giggle.

He's also done a series for the Sisyphus Office Exhibition, Houston 2009. - "The artists involved in the project are collaborating with businesses and offices in and around Houston in order to highlight art as an integral and necessary distraction in our day to day life."

Heh. I think we've all felt like this at some point.

I just really love his entire visual language, and the fact that it's entirely handmade is always a winner for me - digital is great but I love the feeling of having something finished (or not) in your hands.

It just reminds me that I really need to keep drawing - I've basically stopped at the moment, haven't done a collage or anything for bloody ages. That makes me sad. Time is so precious these days though, I get home from work every night at about 7.30-8 and end up going to bed at 10 at the latest cos I get up so early... so any creativity (outside of placement - I'm being creative all day there) has to be done at weekends really. And I haven't had a spare weekend for weeeeks so I'm feeling really antsy at the moment because I have a massive to do list. Some of which includes redoing the header for this blog, redoing my website (I don't like it anymore ha), and making my twitter page and avatar pretty. And those are the easy things.

All of which I could do right now if I had a mac! I was bought the entire CS4 suite for a graduation present which is so ace and I can't wait to use it... just need something to install it on :P Cos I bloody hate windows and photoshop. Eugh. Worst combo ever.

Anyway, my placement is going really well, despite the fact I was ill (swine flu? hmmm) last week so missed a day and a half. Including being deathly ill on my birthday. Which was so crap. But I'm all good now and getting proper stuck in, I'm really loving it there. Worcester is so nice as well, really pretty town. (city?)

Enough rambling. I could ramble all day. But apparently I'm going for a run in 20 minutes and I semi don't want to. But fatness has occurred and I must. Sigh. Turrah.

1 comment:

Winnie said...

I'm so glad your placement is going well. Also thanks for sharing these. This makes me want to keep a collage for my never ending 'to-do' lists!

Oh yeah I love the South Bank. Everytime I go visit my friend, we make a stop there somewhere along the way. It's such a nice place to chill out and people watch!