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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Company High Street Edit: Looks I love

You're getting a plethora of fashion posts, I must say. Lucky you.

I bought Company's first High Street Edit the other day, mainly because it's printed on lovely matte paper. Simple things eh? But seriously, the design layout of it is great and I really enjoyed reading it. There are loads of great looks and trends in there and I'm in danger of wanting it all. Here's one look that caught my eye:

I'm not a fan of khaki usually but it's out there a lot and these high waisted culottes are quirky. What I'm interested in is the layering of cycling shorts under more shorts. Hmmm, I thought, I like that. I finally ended by long hunt for lace cycling shorts with a find on missguided, and also by cutting up some lace tights I bought that were too long for my little legs.

So I've now taken to wearing them up skirts and shorts a lot. I don't own any culottes though; I have awful memories of some blue cord ones I had when I was about 8 and that is a horror that's hard to shake off.

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