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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog! 3 years old...

I nearly forgot this. My blog turned 3 years old (that's quite old in blog years, I feel proud) last monday, on the 16th. Hurrah for me!

It all started rather inconspicuously towards the end of my first year at uni, here, as a way for me to publish my university illustration work. I then started rabbiting on about stuff I liked and my life, and it all spiralled from there. 200 posts later (I was never that prolific, I write much more frequently now) and here I am.

Actually not much has changed, except I now write more coherently (at least I know what I'm talking about) on subjects like fashion, illustration, design, advertising, things I covet, food illustrations and recipes, things that are cool and inspiring, sustainability and of course my work.

Any suggestions about things you want to read on my blog? There are quite a few of you merry little minions subscribers now, so don't be afraid to chip in, I love comments like I love cake.

1 comment:

kirstyb said...

yay happy blog birthday x