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Saturday, May 23, 2009


I completely forgot that I did this. Dawdlr is a great little site, a small pocket of rebellion against an online world that is 'updated' every single second with what people are doing, where, through status updates, twitter, you know all that jazz. Dawdlr asks the question "What are you doing, you know, more generally?" and you have to answer on a postcard. The site is updated not twice a minute, but twice a year. Simple, really, and charming and so interesting what people say, some are ambiguous, some are frank.

So I sent one in in february (according to the postmark, 2nd Feb), and it's just been posted up:

Completely forgot I wrote that. And the slightly saddening thing is it's all still true; and I didn't get into RCA. Or St. Martin's.

When my spangly promotional postcards turn up I'll send a new one in. I like seeing something from the past turn up; maybe what I write next won't be true when it finally turns up on the site.

On another note, I've entered May's Creative Flair Illustration Competition - you can see my entry here; it's one of my mobile phone posters. Fingers crossed for that!

1 comment:

Winnie said...

That's an awesome postcard and I will definitely be off to check the site out. Plans always change though, I used to harp on about going to LCF after my degree but it never happened.

Yeah the bullring stuff sure was crazy this weekend and quite scary. Hope we find out what really happened soon. Yeah the weather is completely gorgeous and so jealous of your BBQs!