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Friday, May 29, 2009

The painting of our degree show and silly times.

The past 2 days we've been in uni painting all the boards for our Degree Show which starts end of next week. Manual labour is hard. Pratting about with white paint is fun.

Carina seems a bit too happy... paint fumes may be to blame!
I got splattered in silly tiny specks of paint. I was not amused.
It was also Jenny's birthday today! Which made it extra fun, I bought this amazing giant cupcake for her, which we ate with glee:
Yes, we used some kind of scraggy storage box for a table. We ain't got no furniturrrrr.

Me and Jenny. We like cake. Mmmm.
Yeah, I thought being an art student, I should get a bit arty with a photo. Er. I wouldn't call this award-winning.
Illustration girls! From left to right, Danielle, Kim, Jenny, Carina, Me. (I also want to point out, we are a much more stylish bunch usually, but we didn't want paint on our Dior, darling*, so we turned up in Primarni)
*None of us own any Dior. Gutter.I couldn't resist doing that.

I've linked where I can to websites.. some aren't functional yet. But we're all very talented so what those spaces....

I'm visiting the parents over the weekend so probably no posting. Have a sunny, great weekend! :D


PurpleSparkleBright said...

noooo that is a CAKE- cupcakes are little versions of that. not the other way around... oh hang on.. gosh have I had that wrong?? ALL my life!! omg the giant CUPCAkES ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!

Rachel said...

Ah yes, but this was sold as a 'giant cupcake' - hence why I had to buy it!

I would love the giant cupcakes to take over the world ^.^ spongey times!!

Winnie said...

Wow this looks so much fun! I like the giant cupcake, where was that from?! Major Love.

Yeah that's not a bad idea about the shoes! Thanks for the tip- may also try cutting a bit off one of those heel protectors for shoes too!

Rachel said...

Asda! Only a fiver, bargain! It was tres sweet but soooo good :D