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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on Penguin Design Award 2009

I got a letter today from Penguin.... saying that I hadn't won any of the prizes (boo) but that I am invited to the awards night in June for all the winners and people who've been shortlisted! I'm so excited! :D My mum had to open the letter for me and read it out over the phone, I was walking down the road with some friends and I was doing little hops haha. I can't wait!

See my entry in a previous post here.

Also, found out that me and a couple of classmates have been chosen by our tutors to exhibit at this year's D&AD New Blood exhibition, From 29th June to 1st July 09, which i'm also crazily excited about! :D Once I know more info I'll definitely post it up.

We've started putting together our degree show now, I've been taking photos so I'll post them tomorrow once all the painting is done! Us girls on the course suddenly realised we now have a pressing question - "What the hell do I wear do the private view??" Some of us hadn't thought about it, some (like me) consider my outfit as pretty much an extension of my work and who I am... er no pressure then. Do I buy a new dress? Do I go super dressed up? Do I do effortless and arty? Or crazy but awesome? These are all very pressing questions. Especially when I can't afford to buy anything new (although I saw some amazing pink heels in new look and I neeeeed them).

Basically, good times are abound.

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