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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A drawing a day: Day 3

My drawing today is a type-based one. I'm a bit obsessed with Interpol at the moment, haven't been able to stop listening to them for months. Their lyrics are so beautifully written and they're just so damn melancholy, I love it. I think it's the ambiguity of the lyrics that I love, you have to make your own sense of it. I think that's what makes a good song, when you have your own personal meaning from it. This is from Pioneer to the falls, which is on Our Love to Admire. I hope they do a new album soon....

In other news, i've been updating today, it's nearly finished! Just need to write my bio. Still. I've been really busy okaaaay. I was in uni today doing that and sorting out images that I'll be putting in the degree show, really excited about that! We'll be painting all the boards tomorrow and then mounting all the work on the walls on monday... I'll take photos as we do it. I so can't wait! It's going to be such an awesome feeling, when we see all our work up on the wall. Eeee ^.^

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