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Friday, May 22, 2009

Train Journeys

Considering I live really close to Birmingham, can easily get there, and it's full of amazing shops, galleries, clubs, bars, awesome stuff, I haven't been in over a year. I think it's got something to do with the fact that everytime I go I spend a huge amount of money. Well it turns out that this week I've been 3 times, strangely. On monday I went over to the Bull Ring to give out CV's everywhere (that was a mission, I must have been in about 80 shops)... that paid off because on wednesday I went back to have an interview at Republic. Then today, I was back, this time going over to Edgebaston for an interview at Birmingham city Uni, for an illustration placement working on imagery for software for medical students. That went really well today, I so hope I get it... if I do then I'll go into more detail about what it's all about. Really exciting though! So 2 job prospects there, just got to wait on the results of them. Eeeek *bites nails*

Anyway, the point of this was that it meant I was on lots of trains this week, and I like drawing people on trains. I don't often do it because I get too scared but I actively searched out interesting-looking people. So, I hope I do get one of those jobs because it means I'll be on a train every day, so I can draw loads more people. Here are the best ones/ones I managed to complete before they noticed and scowled:

This dude was on monday, he had an interesting moustache, intently reading his paper.

The behooded fellow was really jittery so I couldn't really get him. He looked mean. The other guy had a really hook-y nose, could just see it through the seats.

She was so wrinkly, I love drawing old people, way more interesting. Couldn't get the glasses though. And the guy on the right, well he's not really there, because as it says 'hot guy that i'm too scared to draw', which was true. He was basically the twin of someone I know, it was very strange, different hair though. Anyway, I didn't want him to see I was looking at him so after 3 attempts I gave up... too attractive to draw, how lame is that. Now I shall never see him again *tear* Lol.

All this drawing on trains is very much like this blog I follow, Ami Underground. It's amazing, definitely subscribe to it, he just draws people on the NY tube every day. Waaay better than I am. It's busy there though, bet he can do it way more covertly, on trains round the West Midlands you look kind of obvious. Maybe I should try this next time I'm down in London.

By the way, that moleskin I'm using, is tiny!! Like, the size of a business card, maybe slightly bigger. It's perfect, and pink. Haha.


dot said...

the job thing sounds great... i hope you get the illustration one! fingers crossed!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks! So do I!