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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anthropologie UK opens tomorrow!

I mentioned in a post the other day about my love of Anthropologie and how excited I am about a UK store. Well, it turns out that the Regents Street branch opens tomorrow, 23 October! Which is slightly annoying as I was in London, and specifically Regents Street today. Ah, how the gods tease me, if only it had opened today. Anyway, I shall have to go visit it another time :)

Anthropologie is just full of amazing, pretty, unique and expensive things, such as these that I've gleaned off the american site:

£406. Yep.
Yes, I'm excited by a tea towel. What is wrong with me. It's so pretty. Oh oh.
This right, is blimmin' amazing. Hand made, loads of vintage mirrors all put together to form this big rustic amazingness. It's about £437. Yep. I so would.


Everyone loves badgers. £37.

Basically, if I was rich, this is what my house would be full of. But, I'm not rich, so when I finally do get to see the Regents St store, I'll be wandering round in a daze of desire for everything and not buy anything. Although I could buy this Twig Pencil, it's about £3. A pencil made of twig! How have I lived without this...? Imagine.
I'm getting very into home decoration recently; I think it's because I don't have one of my own. I can't wait to rent my first non-student place and make it nice with cushions and jars for stuff and a tea cosy and maybe even a cake stand.

I don't even like tea. Why would I need a tea cosy? Sigh.

London adventures in the next post.

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