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Sunday, October 18, 2009

More ampersand-ery antics

After my initial Daily Ampersand Project post, I'm discovering more and more lovely ampersand-ery goodness.

The awesome Snakes and Suits have a pretty hefty range of ampersand related clothing and accessories, and all you need to feel a bit special and smug.

I love this, defo need it in my life. I used to have a Times new roman ampersand as an earring and I lost it :( argh.
I also really like this pattern being designed out of repeated ampersands, something to try myself I think.

Good stuff.

Also, the very talented Sophie Henson designed her own ampersand after being asked by Pitch Design Union in Chicago to be involved in a collaborative project. Read her blog post about it here, and take a look at what she created:

Credit to Sophie Henson, not me.

I really like what she came up with, really cute :) I'd like to see the rest of the collaborative project too.

I first mentioned Sophie Henson a while ago in a post all about pencil illustration, she's been up to some great stuff recently, including designing for USC's new Abandon range. I really want this hoodie:
the design is lovely, just shows what an amazing doodler she is. Christmas list!

Her recent work is giving me envy, I'm so itching to get in front of photoshop and spend days whacking new work out; I have so many ideas right now and it's killing me not being able to do it :( But I am still mac-less and there's no way this laptop can handle photoshop anymore. It's so frustrating. I can do hand drawn stuff all I like and that's fine, but I'm a layered kind of girl and I need layers. I need detail. I need the undo button, tbh.

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