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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coveting: Simon Cook's Christmas Cheat Sheets

I saw these and thought they were brilliant. Simon Cook is a very talented illustrator, but also a genius in my books for inventing these 'christmas cheat sheets', which is his "attempt to solve the age old problem of buying clothes for your better half at Christmas time... So basically you fill out one and give it to your boyfriend/girlfriend (or whoever you're expecting a present off), or get them to fill out one for you so you don't blow a surprise by asking for a particular."

Pretty damn simple, and simply damn pretty too:

Clicky for bigger.
This is the girls version - there is also the boys version too. Here's a few close ups:

haha, ring size. Won't be needing that.

I love the retro typography and the really limited colour use, feels very 50s and vintage and I like that. It also has that screenprinted feel which makes it seem very personal and tailored.

I really want to use it myself but don't have anyone to give it to =/ Save parents. And they never buy me clothes. They know better than that.

Great idea though. Found via Drawn!

You can read and see more about Simon Cook aka Cookie over at his website and blog, which is full of tasty things like:

Align Centreand

All images are copyright to Simon Cook of course. Chuh.

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