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Monday, October 05, 2009

SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution

"A major exhibition staged at London's Somerset House in Autumn 2009, SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution is a retrospective of nine years of online innovation, invention and creation. Based around the themes of 'Process', 'Performance' and 'Participation', the exhibition showcases over twenty projects from SHOWstudio's archives alongside unique new films, artworks and live fashion shoots and events specifically devised for this groundbreaking exhibition."
This is an exhibition that I don't want to miss. It runs until 20th December, at Somerset House which is at the Embankment Galleries. There's photographic exhibitions, installations, live fashion shows and live projects to participate in too, like this interactive sculpture where you can draw on Naomi online. Quite fun. And this, called 'Taking more Liberty's' which says nothing except '5 — 26 October 2009, Liberty's Window, Carnaby Street'. Which is.... today, in fact! Get down there. It must be some kind of interactive store window. Sounds very exciting.

There's loads of different exhibits, split into Process, Performance, Participation, and Fashion Film. They all sound quite interesting, but the one that has intrigued me the most is 'Fashion Film', which deals with "Film’s capacity to show clothing as it behaves on the body, together with its power to capture the spirit of fashion at a specific point in time, means that it is perfectly in tune with a generation of young fashion consumers who look beyond the printed page to experience their world instantly, live and online. Fashion film is perhaps’s single most important contribution to the changing face of how fashion is experienced."
Something which I agree with actually...

There's also a film from Alexander McQueen, called "Transformer: The Bridegroom Stripped Bare" looks quite intense and destructive:

Also "Past, Present and Couture" by Galliano, which is a series of photographs that "illustrates clearly the relationship between designer and model, and between designer and photographer, to inspire and direct the shot.":

There's also a behind the scenes film of the shoot as well.

It all seems slightly 'the art behind the fashion' to me, not that that's entirely a bad thing, so I need to check it out properly before I make any judgements. Tickets are £5 but Topshop's Inside-Out Blog is giving out a code to get another ticket free when you book online. Nice.

So hopefully I can pop down to London soon and check it out. Although I don't have any friends that care about fashion down here. Could be a problem. Exhibitions with no-one to discuss things with are a bit dull =/

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